Introduction of Denglin Technology

Founded in November 2017, Denglin Technology is a high-tech company focused on providing high-performance computing platforms for emerging domains. The company's products are chip-centric system solutions. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Chengdu, China.

Denglin Technology is incubated by the well-known high-tech venture capital institution “Aurora Borealis”, with an investment of 150 million Yuan for angels and Pre-A rounds. The core founding team members come from world-renowned semiconductor, systems and Internet companies (Vivante,Baidu,AMD,Cisco,Acacia, etc.), which combines the experience of large company executives and leading startups to develop new products and markets. The team not only has more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, but also has a successful performance in tape out and mass production from 28nm to 7nm advanced technology.

The team has made great achievements in the construction of a heterogeneous general-purpose computing platform with GPGPU as its core. The company's technology has dozens of core patents being applied at home and abroad. In terms of products, the company is committed to artificial intelligence (inference and learning), high-performance computing, blockchain and other industries with large scale, high technical requirements and rapid development. It aims to solve the problem of versatility and high efficiency.

"To be the leader of AI computing in China" is the mission and vision of Denglin Technology. We are firmly committed and marching forward. We also invite colleagues from this industry to join us to create a better future and share success.

We regard each of our outstanding colleagues who are on the road to be like-minded business partners. In addition to providing statutory social insurance benefits and fully competitive compensation in the industry, we also provide long-term incentive programs such as equity incentives and employee family insurance, to make you no worries, full of personal talent and career ambition on the platform.